Road Runner Media Inc

Road Runner Technology:

The Digital Brake Light

Approximately 500,000 Truck Accidents

occur in the United States annually


Road Runner Solution?

The Digital Brake Light (DBL), a flat panel monitor mounted

on the rear of delivery vehicles, semi-trailers, and transit buses

Vehicle Operational Indicator (VOI) displays real-time driver cockpit actions:

A Patented Technology Solution

  • DBL / VOI can be seen up to fifty (50) car lengths away

  • Road Runner Display: the world’s largest Digital Brake Light

  • Includes indicator displays for braking, turning, reverse and hazard/roadside emergency

  • Supported by law enforcement agencies

  • Connects to and displays Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Road Runner Technology

Improving Road Safety

Snak King Fleet Delivery Vehicle - Chicago, IL

Snak King Fleet Delivery Vehicle - Chicago, IL

Safety At Work

Road Runner’s outdoor LCD displays:

Daylight Readable, create bright, vibrant color with motion visuals to capture attention

  • Content Management System delivers real-time targeted messaging

  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

  • Messaging Campaigns: local and national revenue generation

 RRM’s patented

Vehicle Operational Indicator (“VOI”)

improves road, vehicle & public safety

Candy Box.png

Public Service Announcements

Amber Alert Layout 1.png

More than one out of three travelers (35%) notice AMBER or missing children alerts

Road Hazards Ahead


Visualize Road Safety messages in real-time

Digital Displays Geo-Fenced

or communicating in real-time with other Displays

Geo-Fenced Displays

Geo-Fenced Displays