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Why Road Runner Media?

In a world of clicks, likes, and page views, Outdoor advertising is more of a core media buy than ever before. Outdoor immerses audiences with advertising wherever consumers live, work, travel, and play.

As an industry we have always embraced change – evolving, transforming, and disrupting. As a result, Outdoor is the fastest growing traditional media in America – more than TV, radio, and print. Outdoor thrives because it is anything but traditional.

Road Runner Media provides real, powerful, advertising.



Road Runner Media is proud to introduce you to the Next Big Thing in media. Truck-mounted Outdoor displays that showcase your logo, brand or advertising throughout the day, evening and all right in front of your target audience.

But we are more than just a new media type, our technology enhances safety and can save lives.


Turning Left.png

Currently, the vehicle indicator lights (braking, left/right turn signals) on the back of delivery trucks, buses, and big rigs are small, placed low on the truck, and can be easily obscured by cars in front of you when driving. Now, imagine your brake lights, turn signals and emergency flashers displayed on a fifty-five inch (55’) display, on the back of the truck, and can be seen in excess of fifty (50) car lengths away!

We call it our Vehicle Operational Indicator Display (“VOID”), a fully patented technology that displays “braking” when stopping, “turning” when an indicator signal is engaged, and “hazard” when the emergency flashers are engaged. This safety feature provides ample notice to drivers hundreds of feet behind the truck.

In addition, there are a number of other uses for our technology to help others, improve safety, and save lives. We provide local authorities, law enforcement, and governmental agencies the opportunity to utilize our technology to communicate Public Service Announcements, disaster relief activities or amber alerts by periodically interrupting our messaging to communicate and direct the public as needed.

Functionality Features

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  • Vehicle Operational Indicator (VOI)

  • Displays braking, turning and emergency flashers

  • Public Service Announcements

  • Amber Alerts

  • Emergency Response Announcements

  • Road Closures

  • Evacuation Directions

  • Shelter Locations

Bottom line, there has never been a more efficient and effective way to communicate to your target audience than with Road Runner Media.


Our Mission

Pioneer completely new media platforms to serve the interests of public safety, deliver safer driving environments, and promote the interests of our clients.

Our Commitment


Media Supported

- Displays static advertising while VOI is not in operation

- Supported by Law Enforcement Agencies



Advanced Technology

- Vehicle Operational Indicator (VOI)

- LED display creates a bright, vibrant color with motion visuals to capture attention

RRM Bus 752px.png

Enhanced Safety

- VOI can be seen from 50 car lengths away

- Displays braking, turning and emergency flashers

Public Service Announcements

- Amber Alerts

- Road Closures

- Evacuation Directions

- Shelter Locations


Meet the Team

Randall Lanham, ESQ., Founder

Chris Riley, President & CEO

Jeff Anderson, Chief Technical Officer

David Marohnic, Chief Operations Officer

Daniel Leonard Sr., SVP, Sales

Frank Borris, Director, Safety

Daniel Leonard Jr., Director, Business Development

M. Richard Cutler, General Counsel

Jeff Reed, Mechanical Engineering | Graphic Design

David Duckworth, Intellectual Property Council